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PDCA Makes Ms. Immas, Mr. Gebya and Ms. Indah be Professionals Teachers

PDCA Makes Ms. Immas, Mr. Gebya and Ms. Indah be Professionals Teachers

If you read carefully about the title of this article, I guess you must be wondering what is meant by the abbreviation of PDCA?  Actually, that term stands for Plan, Do, Check, Action.

Then, why do I concern to that abbreviation? Because, everything will run smoothly if you have that step by step. If we ignore it, our program will be complicated in organizing it and difficult to reach the aims we want to have.

So, that is why, My high appreciation goes to Ms. Immas Metika, my former student in SMA 1 Magetan and now being a teacher in Islamic International School (IIS) in Magetan, East Java. I also salute to their teammates, Mr. Gebya, Ms. Indah and of course to their smart students as well. As addition, Mr.Gebya has a lot of experiences because He ever had a duty as overseas teacher At Sekolah Luar Negeri Sabah for 5 years. He was a great teacher, right?

All of them are able to follow strictly to PDCA terms in handling and doing for event. They have good teamwork, helpful to each other, tight solidarity and strong spirit. It had been proved before coming and after being in Singapore to join into Global Youth Summit 2022 which issued Environmental innovation projects for students all over Asean countries.

They did their preparation related to their passports for teachers and students fast and neat. Doing their project perfectly, Getting all documents including vaccine certificates for immigration abroad completely. Ms. Immas as a teacher and her teams makes me proud of. No problems appeared so far because of her professionalism.

Good luck!, Ms. Immas, Mr. Gebya and Ms. Indah, also Students from Islamic International School of Magetan. We count on you to be the winner!  May Allah SWT speed you. Inshaallah.


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